It is a game about farming. Kind of boring, really.

You farm. You spend time with your cows.

You love your cows.

And they love you.

Its too bad you decided to build your farm directly on top of a foreboding (yet talkative) pit. That wasn't too good of a choice.

It also wasn't the best choice to then to get attacked and murdered by a bunch of mustachioed robots. But that wasn't a choice. It was an inevitability.

Maybe you can save your cows.

Who knows?

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This is my entry for Ludum Dare 31. Theme: Entire game on one screen.

Programming/Art/Sound: Dan Forstinger

Art/Cow Voices: Bram Tebbutt

and Noah McPherson as The Pit.


WASD: Move.

ARROW KEYS: Shoot (it's about farming I swear).

SHIFT: Sprint

SPACE: Plant seed for your cows to move to.

E (hold): Plant a dirt block to block enemies from getting to you.

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Published 2 years ago
Tagsadventure, cows, epic, farming, moustache, Robots, Space

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